Why is Professional Photography expensive?

  1. Time:
    What most people don’t know is just taking your photos for that session is the short part. The time it takes to upload, enhance and export depending on the session takes anywhere from 6-12 hours. Each image takes a good amount of time and attention to detail.The time of planning the shoot + time traveling to the shoot + to set up the equipment/propping equipment + the actual hour at the shoot + time traveling back + about 1 hour to load and choose the best images + another 4 hours minimum to edit the images + an hour to load the images online + and ship.

    Because of those hidden hours, what seems like $100 an hour session is actually only about $12.50 an hour. Or if you look at it by image $100 session divided by 50 images is only $2. Per edited and enhanced image.


*I take and give a lot more images then more photographers as well.


  1. Equipment:
    The cost for the equipment and props. Here’s an example: for a great lens they cost easily $1,399 same with the camera body. Like your cell phone ($600) every couple of years you have to upgrade it and replace it – same with photography equipment and software…because like any technology, they become outdated pretty quickly every couple of years I’m upgrading my camera and equipment..


  1. Small Business Owner:
    I’m not just the photographer but also the CEO, marketing, promoting, web designer, editor, promotion material, and customer service rep. Or you have to hire out for these things and that all cost money.


  1. Artist:
    When you hire me,you’re getting an artistwho knows how to light the shot, how to pose, how to set up the photo. Who is caring towards her clients want and concerns. You’re getting a photograph that, because it was taken with a professional camera and not your smart phone camera, can be reprinted onto a large canvas. You getting me, a passionate Artist.


I hope this answers some of your questions we all have had at some time or another and you see the value of my professional photographer skills and passion and can appreciate it as well. – Courtney TWBS